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꽃샘)  Concentrated Flavored Drink 600g


A fruit tea with refreshing scent of mint , sweet and sour, plus a shine muskat that's sweeter than regular grapes. Cool refreshing feeling and the fun of chewy coconut grains!



Blended with sweet strawberries and acai berries for cool refreshing feeling.



Blended taste of sweet pears with fresh cherry flavor. 

You can feel the texture of pear in a cool refreshing feeling.



Blended a mellow rosemary and sweer and sour Pineapple.

Cool refreshing feeling and the fun of chewing pineapple grains!




Pour 120ml of cold water or carboinated water into 30g of concentrated drink 

Stir well before serving.

Add ice to enjoy it more! 


Enjoy it cool! 


꽃샘) Concentrated Flavored Drink 600g

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