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Thick noodles and its spicy seafood flavour.



1) Boil 550 ml of water.

2) Add the noodle, vegetable mixture and the soupbase in the boiling water.

3) Cook for about 5 minutes and stir well.

4) If desired you can add an egg, tofu or other ingredients.

5) Serve


*Soup Base Noodle


SKU: 0005
  • Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour ( Australia ), potato starch, palm oil, condiments (rice oil, sugar, squidanchovies, emulsifier: E322 (contains soy), shrimpfish sauce (tunasea bream)), salt, tocopherol liquid (antioxidant: E306, emulsifier: E322 (contains soy)), acidity regulator: E501, E339, E500, Green tea extract (oligosaccharide, tea catechin, acidifier: E330, coloring: E101; Soup powder: Seasonings (maltodextrin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy), salt, tuna, sugar, yeast extract, wheat starchanchoviessquidcodclamtunashrimp), salt, sugar, seasoning (maltodextrin, chili peppers, black pepper, garlic), flavor enhancer: E631, E627, caramel powder (maltodextrin, coloring: E150c), releasing agent: E551; Flakes: kelp, seaweed ,fish cakes (saithe, maize, glucose), carrots

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