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꽃샘) Honey 500ML

Kkotsaem Foods is a honey production company that has insisted on producing only the highest quality honey for half a century, starting with beekeeping in 1965.

Working all year round to produce healthy and safe honey with the best facilities.

It is 100% domestic wild flower honey and acacia honey collected from clean areas, and its quality has been certified by the Korea Beekeeping Association.



Has a light yellowish tint & contains a lot of fructise & glucose, it has a soft, and refreshing acacia aroma. 



The wheat source is slightly different depending on the region and time of production, so the taste, aroma and color may be slightly different. That is why it has a unique taste and aroma. 

Wildflower honey has a red or dark red color,unlike acacia honey.


How to store:

Store at dry oom temperature away from sunlight.

Do not store in refrigerator 

Consume as soon as possible when opened. 




꽃샘) Honey 500ML

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